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Imperial One is proud to be the Bay Area's Premier Wedding Limousine Provider .
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Imperial One Limousine proudly provides Limousine Service to hundreds of Weddings each year. We understand that this is your special day, so with that in mind our goal is to provide excellent customer service and a wide selection of quality vehicles at affordable rates. 
Our Hummer H3 is a popular choice for mid size Wedding groups. The rate for a 3 hour Wedding is just $330.  Our H3 SUV Limo has a beautiful two tone interior with lots of lighting. It has a stainless steel ceiling, lighted floor, laser lights, strobe lights, mood lights & lumin discs. All of our limos have bar / built in ice chests, stereo, tv & privacy dividers.
Our Cadillac Escalade 2 is excellent for large groups. This is our largest limo. The 3 hour Wedding rate is $375. This limo has a two tone interior, lots of lighting and features a marble tile floor! 
Our Town Car Limo 1 is very popular for Weddings. The 3 hour Wedding rate for this limo is just $210. This is perfect for small groups or those on a tight budget.
Our Town Car 3 Limo is a great value for medium size Wedding groups who want an upscale atmosphere 
for a reasonable price. Our Town Car 3 Limo is just
$225. for a 3 hour Wedding!
Our Town Car Limo 2 is an excellent value for smaller Wedding Parties. The 3 hour rate is just $225.
All Packages Include use of a Luxury Limousine, fully decorated with Just Married Window Decals, Red Carpet Service and also include Complimentary Ice, Champagne and Soft Drinks. 
Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, and social classes. Most wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of vows by the couple. The ceremony is usually followed by a wedding reception. Music or poetry are also commonly incorporated into the ceremony.
A number of cultures have adopted the traditional Western custom of the white wedding, in which a bride wears a white dress and veil. 
The use of a wedding ring has long been part of weddings. Romans believed in the Vena Amoris, which was said to be a blood vessel that ran from the ring finger to the heart, thus when a couple wore rings on this finger their hearts were connected. Most religions recognize a lifelong union with established ceremonies and rituals.
At traditional Chinese weddings, the tea ceremony is the equivalent of an exchange of vows at a Western wedding ceremony. This ritual is still practiced among rural Chinese, however young people in larger cities, as well as in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, tend to practice a combination of Western style of marriage together with the Tea Ceremony.

For questions, quote requests or reservations just give us a call at 727-809-1209
Our Town Car 4 Limo is a great Wedding choice and is excellent for larger groups. A 3 hour Wedding is just $255.
Our Navigator 2 SUV Limo is a excellent choice for Wedding groups on a tight budget. Our Navigator 2 Limo is just $270. for a 3 hour Wedding! It has a beautiful red & black upscale interior with stainless steel ceiling and plenty of lighting. 
We offer Wedding Packages to fit most any budget. Wedding Limo service can vary greatly depending on your preferences. 
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