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I just got back from my honeymoon and it was FANTASTIC!! But I promised myself that I would do the honor of writing a review of my limo service. I did my research on finding the best deal, not only on cost but on service as well which is why I chose Imperial One. I would've rated it a 5, but I'm one of those guys that think there's always room for improvement, so the only thing i'd say, is that i wish my driver was wearing a white shirt instead of blue, but if that's the only thing then i guess i'm just nitpicking.

The overall experience was amazing. The limo only ran us $225 for 3 hours and included champagne, a red carpet, drinks, and ice. Believe me, I called around several places and this was by far the most affordable. The limo was clean and cold, maybe it was just my driver, but after the wedding when we got back in there were rose petals scattered throughout, my wife was blown away.

If you're looking for a great company for your wedding needs, I'd recommend you take a look at imperial one.


My niece was finally about to become a woman and I figured as my gift to her, that her favorite uncle would take care of her ride. She was completely surprised and crazy excited when this huge, white H2 pulled up to the house. It was decorated for her birthday and had nice balloons to boot. I didn't realize they provided water, sprite, and coke until it was too late, they were immediately all hopped up on caffeine. I kinda felt bad for the driver, but he said its not really different than dealing with his night runs with adults. I couldn't believe the deal I got, really cheap compared to the other companies in the area and this place is ALL INCLUSIVE, drinks, ice, gratuity...but my driver did a great job so i had no problem tipping him extra (considering how much I saved by choosing imperial one).

I got my wedding anniversary coming up soon, I'll definitely be giving these guys a call and highly recommend them to anyone...

Thanks guys, 
I wish I could give this company a 10 out of 5!! After finding a very affordable limo service for my wifes 40th birthday I spoke with their office to try and get a hold of the driver before my time started. They told me that they would give the driver a call and tell him the situation and that the driver would contact me as soon as he could, but he was on another run at the time.
The driver contacted me and I explained that if possible I would need him to meet me at work to load up the limo with all the goodies for the run. The driver, Patrick, told me if he could he would, but either way he'd call me back. He called back and said he had just enough time to meet up with me to I could deliver my wife's bday plan. He and I loaded up a LOT of beer, I gave him the cupcakes, and I made up a specific plan with different color coded bags with different activities with a plan of the night for him to follow.
I spoke with my wife and she told me that he did his best to follow the plan, but that she and her friends had overruled my plan to party at the bar instead or go dancing. Either way I couldn't attend the party due to work, but I'm very happy with my decision on Imperial One limo and the driver Patrick b/c without them I'm not sure the night would've been the same.
Thank you and can't wait to book for her 41st =) 

Hank Daniels   9/19/13 Birthday
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