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I've been the talk of my group after…

 I've been the talk of my group after setting up a limo with imperial one. I told my friends that i would handle the transportation of the party at a reasonable rate for everyone. I didn't have much of a problem after finding this gem of a company located in my own hometown. I got it for just $25 per person. That's WAY cheaper that trying to rent a taxi for 5 hrs. We went everywhere too...St. Pete, Tampa, back to clearwater. The driver knew his way around town to avoid heavy traffic/construction zones. We all partied while he took care of the rest. The AC was blowin hard and the music was jammin. I couldn't take all the credit, which is why i'm leaving this review. Hope this helps anyone lookin for a quality ride at an affordable rate with great service.

Hank D.  

Had such a great time!

 Had such a great time! Service was outstanding!! Ford Expedition Limo was Awesome!! Really great service for a low price! Driver was great! Thank you Imperial One Limos! Highly recommend to all!!

Zimm Bailey  
One Direction

 Alright so I used to like The New Kids on the Block and b/c I never got the opportunity, I really wanted to give my kids the chance I never got. I got twin baby girls and for some reason (like I can talk right?) they are infatuated with One Direction. We live just too far from the Ft. Lauderdale area, but that's where the concert was going to be and after driving that far, being at the concert, and driving back me and my husband just didn't want to do that so we contacted Imperial One limo.
 After explaining our situation and where we wanted to go the guys at imperial one hooked us up. We ordered the lincoln town car stretch for 9hrs, 3 there 3 back and 3 to do the concert.
 The limo that pulled up at our house was not the one we ordered, but the limo driver explained there was an issue with the one we ordered so we were upgraded to the lincoln Navigator (this one had enough room for all of us to sleep on a bench by ourselves, which we did on the way back) It was exciting for everyone especially since our original fee was $650 for 9 hours, but we got the upgrade at no extra charge (savings of like $100). Speaking of no extra charge, not only did they provide beverages and ice on the house, but they didn't charge extra to drive all the way to Sarasota!

I think the coolest thing was when we pulled up to the concert there were like a hundred girls all screaming and running up to the car, it was funny to watch their faces when they thought One Direction was going to step out and it was just us. 

I guess that just goes to show how impressed everyone in with Imperial One, not just us =)

Rent from these guys and you will NOT be disappointed.

Mrs. Adams 

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I apologize it has taken me so long to send a note regarding our reservation back on 7/21. I wanted to tell you how happy we were with the limo, the service, and all the things our driver, Matt, did to ensure our safety and fun. He was so polite, flexible and helpful and I couldn’t have asked for a better driver. As I’m sure you heard, our night was filled with the drama of drunk girls and an unfortunate injury. Matt took an unexpected trip to the hospital, but still made sure to get us safely back to the hotel even though it was past our contracted time of 3:00 a.m. I hope I was able to communicate my appreciation to him that night.  We had a great time (until the injury, or course) and I couldn’t have asked for a better limousine experience. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone and would be happy to write a review for you to post on your Web site. 
Thank you again.  
Laura from Missouri
Imperial One Limo is Clearwater Florida's best Limo service